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Discover Excellence in Heart Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery at Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. Our experienced heart surgeons specialize in both complex and minimally invasive procedures, setting new standards in cardiac care. Pioneers in the field, our surgeons provide innovative solutions not found in other Thai hospitals. Trust Bumrungrad International Hospital for advanced cardiac surgery, ensuring unparalleled expertise and comprehensive care for your heart health in Thailand.

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Screening for heart disease using Echocardiogram

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5,760 THB

Screening for heart disease using Echocardiogram

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Thais due to increased risk behavior. Both eating Lack of physical health care        

Major types of heart disease

Echocardiogram is a screening study that use for people who have risk factors for Heart Disease but no clinical symptoms.

Echocardiogram is non-invasive test, fast. The result will be reported within one hour

Who should take this screening test

For person who does not meet the criteria in above group, they also can do this test. If they desire to screening the heart diseases. 

Preparing to undergo the procedure

Terms & Conditions

Package Inclusions

Cardiac Diagnostics Tests with Echocardiogram 

Outpatient services fee and Nursing services fee

Package Exclusions

Doctor's fee

Expenses incurred not included in the package.

Take-home medicines and medical supplies

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