World Class Medical Treatment 

We are the International Referral Office of Bumrungrad Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bumrungrad Hospital Dhaka Office provides Doctor Appointments, Medical Records Transfer, Hospital Admissions, Visa Processing, Air Ticket Booking, Airport Transfer, Accommodation, Language Interpreter, Transfer Money for Treatment, Holidays After The Treatment, Post Treatment Support, and Air Ambulance as per customer need and maintains its daily procedures in Dhaka, Bangladesh as an official agent. Bumrungrad International Hospital is an International approved hospital founded in 1980 in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of the major hospitals in Southeast Asia with 580 bedrooms and over 30 areas of expertise. Bumrungrad International Hospital serves over 520,000 international patients including 1.1 million local patients each year. Bumrungrad International Hospital Bangkok offers therapeutic, state-of-the-art diagnostic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical center. 


At Bumrungrad International Referral, we provide a number of services that guarantee you a hassle-free journey to better medical treatment. 

We make your Doctor Appointments for you at our associated Hospitals according to your specific medical needs.


We provide Air Ambulance Services which is helpful for those in critical condition, or who want to travel to their desired hospital destination without any hassles.


We arrange and book your Air ticketing to and from your destination.

We assist you in the entire visa process to ensure you face no difficulties in entering your country of destination.


We provide you with Travel Health Insurance which protects you in the event of any injury or illness while seeking medical treatment abroad.


We arrange your hotel stay so that you can be stress–free and focus on your health.

Our Services

Schedule & Confirm appointment with the best doctors of Bumrungrad International Hospital, Thailand

Medical Enquiry

Providing treatment plan and cost estimation to patients for critical treatment

Admission On Arrival

Assisting patient’s for direct admission on arrival

We assist our patients with all their need for Thailand Visa processing needs

Air Ambulance Service

Facilitating the fastest Air Ambulance Service to Thailand

We ensure smooth Airport pick-up and drop-off service for our patients

Thai Local Accommodation

Providing best accommodation options to our patient & their family

Language Interpreter

Discover International Medical Services provide Language Interpreter based on a one-time contact

Transfer Money for Treatment

We can help you to Transfer Money for Treatment in any reputed superstar hotel or friends going with you

Holidays After The Treatment

Once you've taken treatment, you have the choice of exploring the Thailand and its splendor and beauty

Post Treatment Support

Our patients always get post-operative support and counselling from us

We help connect our patient’s with experts doctor’s on Bumrungrad Hospital through Telemedicine service as well

We are the authorized Information & Representative Office of Bumrungrad International hospital, helping to coordinate you and  insure your medical service properly.