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Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad International Hospital is one of the largest hospital in the South-East Asia region and the first JCI Accredited hospital in Thailand. This well renowned hospital started its journey 1980 in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok. This hospital holds 580 bedrooms and over 30 area of expertise. Bumrungrad International Hospital serves over 550,000 international patients including 1.1 million local patients each year.

Discover Bangladesh Ltd. is an exclusive partner, information and authentic Referral Office (RO) of Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangladesh. From 2001, Discover has been working very closely and have catered thousands of patients according to their needs especially during critical times. Focusing our services as the exclusive partner of Thailand’s No. 1 Hospital, Preferred Doctor’s Appointment and Providing Visa Invitation for Patient, Providing Treatment Plan & Cost Estimation, Medical Records Transfer, Tele-Medicine Services, Direct Hospital Admission, Arranging Local Accommodation for patient in Thailand, Airport Transfer, Language Interpreter Services and etc. One of the most important and experienced service, we are the fastest and most professional “Air Ambulance Service” provider in the country. We have almost 100 successful bed-to-bed transfer cases with expert doctor’s consultation and support from all over the country.

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Bumrungrad aspires to deliver innovative clinical and service experiences, accomplish operational excellence and establish transdisciplinary care teams with quality and humanized care.


Bumrungrad Hospital is a public company traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and managed by a multi-national team of experienced medical professionals and hospital administrators.

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You can get in touch with a Bumrungrad Patient Support Specialist here or through: